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Do we need life jackets/pfd's?

• Yes, by law you are required to have a life jacket and a whistle. If you are not wearing the life jacket you also require a buoyant throwing rope. 

What time is does the river open?

• The River is never open or closed. It is not recommended to go on the water during high water which changes each year but is generally beginning of May to beginning of July. 

When do you turn the water on?

• This is not a channel and we do not have control of the water flow 

What direction does the river flow?

• The river only flows one direction. This section of the Shuswap River starts at Mabel Lake and flows to Mara Lake then into Shuswap Lake. 

Why shouldn't we float to Grindrod?

• This float takes up to 12 hours with no public access off the river. With longer floats you are at risk of popping your inflatable and being stuck in the water. 

Who patrols and enforces on the river?

• Conservation officers are on the water ensuring all rules and regulations are being followed. 

Why shouldn't we tie together?

• Being tied together you can get caught on sticks or logs and pulled under. 

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